Tuesday, February 26, 2013


   I am really irritated by the recent Sprint commercial I have seen.

   Essentially the commercial's narration says that the speaker has to "download everything" in the human experience.

   NO, you don't!

  That is part of the problem we have today.  We are downloading or participating too much.  At least we are wasting too much of our time on too much extraneous and irrelevant crap.

   No one can "download" everything.  You can't read it all, you can't watch it all, you can't be everywhere and you can't know everything.

   I think it is this manic need to participate in everything that is distracting us from focusing our energy on important things facing us.

   If you spend a lot of time checking out what Kim Kardshian is doing or tweeting about the unkind remarks in the Oscars about Rhianna and Chris Brown or wondering what Snooki is up to, you can't be spending enough time on things like the debt crisis, the gridlock in Congress or the looming disaster for the economy if sequestration happens.

   And you don't even have to go that far.  There are enough issues and difficulties facing us locally to where you live that are in need of serious thought and positive action you don't even have to deal with the insanity that is happening in Washington D.C.

   Just take a look at your local news on television.

   Here in the San Diego area what about things like the closing of the program that feeds low income people because of lack of funding?

   On the east coast there are still people living away from their homes in terrible weather because their homes can't be rebuilt fast enough.

   So, you can obsess over Britney going back to darker hair if you want, but when the economy goes south and you lose your job in the following downturn I hope someone else has enough time to give you a hand.

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