Friday, September 23, 2011

Initial thoughts

Some time back I put a fair amount of effort into blogging for a while.  I think I reached something like 100 blogs on various subjects before I lost enthusiasm. 
I just ran out of steam.
The last six months of my blogging efforts were a weekly review of news and events and my comments on it all.
What I want to do with this new effort is reach out from my somewhat isolated position and share my thoughts on a wide variety of subjects.  I don't think I can be pinned down on theme or subject matter so anyone looking for a unfied view of the world may not find it here.
What I hope you will find is an interesting and engaging point of view on life and all its' aspects.
If nothing else, I hope that whatever I post here will provide an opportunity for the reader to reflect on the things I choose to address and find them interesting and entertaining.
And I hope to use this vehicle to promote the first love of my life; writing.
So, here we go, hopefully sharing this adventure together.